Wednesday, June 20, 2012


See the August Issue of
Crafts N Things Magazine.
The project I did is on the cover.  It's just a "teaser " photo but it is on the cover!
The magazine will be in stores soon!
Crafts 'n Things
August Issue

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  1. Dear Barbara,

    I just found your site on Pinterest and everything is so beautiful! I lived in Clemmons NC for several years and wish I had known about you then and could have attended some of your workshops.

    Do you have any experience dying fabric on a piece of furniture. I have a swivel rocker that has rocked many babies. It is off white and is actually in good condition, but I would love to dye it a light rose. I can not seem to find any information that does not include 'after finishing place in the washing machine'! lol Would you recommend heat setting it with heat from an iron?

    Any information will be appreciated as I hate to lose this 'old friend'.

    I look forward to following you via Pinterest.

    Janice Meisner